Common Values

We are constantly working to become a value-driven company. When we create our values, we refer to the sub-structure of the community we belong to. We shape our way of managing our company according to our values and we take firm steps forward to future with our customers, our dealers, our business partners, our employees and all the groups we are in contact as part of the rules set by our values.
Result Focus and Future
It is like our company's constitution to be result focus in all our activities. we are supporting our infrastructure factors that will go to result, we are eliminating factors that can not produce results. This our action provides us to secure our future.
Sustainability and Responsibility
We believe wholeheartedly that is to act responsibly for being beneficial to our company. We are absolutely questioning by considering social effects of what we do and the environmental impact of what we produce without taking action.
Stability and Initiative
We do not lose our entrepreneurial spirit with all our team we work with and we go to our goals pertinaciously with our staff that take and responsibility and initiative.
Confidence and Clarity
We believe that information is increased as it is shared and we create a spirit of confidence-based working by acting openly in all subjects within the company. We reward our human resources elements that can use of information well and make benefit.
Fair Behavior
Non-justice systems can not safely look into the future. Success and performance criteria are the basis for our understanding of sustainable justice for both our employees and our business partners.
Reliability, Legal Compliance
Doing what we promise forms the foundation of our corporate structure. We regard the reliability of our company as the biggest human capital. In the processes based on reliability, we put ourselves in the place of our payer and ensure that take actions compare them. We act in accordance with the law in all our business relations and production processes.
We believe in our understanding of diversity and variety is our wealth. We believe that we owe our success reasons to these riches.